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The Many Lives of Chio and Goro Betty Jean Lifton

The Many Lives of Chio and Goro

Betty Jean Lifton

Published June 1968
ISBN : 9789999227223
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 About the Book 

Chio would cry to her husband Goro, whenever she forgot something—which was very often. Except for her bad memory, she was a good Japanese wife, and the old couple tended their farm together happily.One night Chio and Goro lay on their mats talking about what they would be in their next life. Goro decided that he would become a fox. Chio agreed to be a fox too, a clever one that would never forget anything. Then they went to sleep and a few hours later Goro slipped away into the next life. That same night a tiny red fox was born to a mother fox in a nearby forest.Chio made plans to join Goro soon, but when she was ready to go, she suddenly could not remember what animal she decided to be. A dog? A rabbit? A bear? Poor Chio! Finally she decided that in her next life she would be a chicken. That night in a nearby farmyard, a tiny chick was born to a mother hen.Meanwhile Goros fox mother was training him to raid the chicken coop and catch a plump young chicken for their supper. What happened when Goro the fox encountered Chio the chicken is just the beginning of many amusing surprises in the many lives of Chio and Goro before they are reunited in the same form.