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Brain Renovation Benjamin Kramer

Brain Renovation

Benjamin Kramer

92 pages
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 About the Book 

In his latest book, Benjamin Kramer pulls together the wide range of topics covered in previous books to create a users manual for repairing and optimising your brain. Whether you suffer from a mood disorder such as Anxiety or Depression or if you just want to know how to create a super brain, this book contains advice and guidance to get the most out of your most important organ.- harness the concept of neural plasticity to rebuild your brain in better ways- stop unhealthy thinking patterns- stop unhealthy behaviours- use healthy activities like exercise and meditation to build a robust brain- increase levels of neurotransmitters - particularly serotonin- improve your sleep quality and quantity- the types of mental puzzles and games that build a better brain- learn about the best nutrition for the brain- learn about the best supplements for a healthy brainThe brain is not fixed or unchanging. Dont settle for an anxious, depressed or slow brain - you have the power to change it with a little effort!