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Dinodor Marcus Pfister


Marcus Pfister

Published April 1st 1995
ISBN : 9783314208485
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 About the Book 

Dazzle The Dinosaur is a cute story about two young dinosaurs who become great friends. A Maiasauruses mother dinosaur finds an egg next to her own baby egg. It looks odd but she decides to keep it anyway and mother is as her own. A sweet baby girl named Maia hatched out of the moms egg and a shiny baby dinosaur named Dazzle with sparkles on its spines came out of the other. Maia and Dazzle became best friends. They decide to go on an adventure to get their old home that is safe and in a cave back from the frightening Dragonsaurus who took it. They meet several other types of dinosaurs along the way and eventually make it to the cave. Dazzle’s shiny spines come in handy and the two conquer the terrible dragon and get their home back!Kids will love this book with Dazzle’s shiny spines that have texture shown on every page similar to the book Rainbow Fish also written by Marcus Pfister. Read this book at home.