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Ezra Pound (American Critical Archives, 18) Betsy Erkkila

Ezra Pound (American Critical Archives, 18)

Betsy Erkkila

Published March 3rd 2011
Kindle Edition
480 pages
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 About the Book 

No one better symbolizes the course of modern literature ­ its triumphs and defeats ­ than Pound. From the dreaminess and aestheticism of his early poems, to his Imagist and Vorticist manifestos, to the formally experimental method and mythic engagement with history in The Cantos, Pound marks the path that modern and postmodern poetry would follow. This collection provides a documentary record of the reviews of Ezra Pounds work in contemporary journals and newspapers, an introduction that traces the public outrage and controversy that characterized Pounds reception, and checklists of all known reviews of Pounds work. Most of the major poets and critics of the twentieth-century reviewed Pounds work, including T. S. Eliot, Ford Maddox Ford, William Carlos Williams and Edmund Wilson. Their multiple, perplexed, and sometimes hostile responses to his work provide a rich record of the struggles that marked the emergence of modern and contemporary poetry and poetics.