Nikos Kolesis

Published 2014
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

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SYNOPSISGREEK CIVIL WARTHE BATTLE OF ATHENS1946-1949B WORLD WAR - ΟCCUPASIONNATIONAL RESISTANCE- CIVIL WAR AND AFTERWARDSTHEATRE-OPERA – NOVELDANCEThe deads of Civil War keep olive branchAnd a sword.All knows the cause that the brotherMoreSYNOPSISGREEK CIVIL WARTHE BATTLE OF ATHENS1946-1949B΄ WORLD WAR - ΟCCUPASIONNATIONAL RESISTANCE- CIVIL WAR AND AFTERWARDSTHEATRE-OPERA – NOVELDANCEThe deads of Civil War keep olive branchAnd a sword.All knows the cause that the brotherkilled his brother .The brothers caused hubrisNearing headlong the Clearance , time of Judgement .ALEXANDERHunted I resort in the Imaginary CourtOf History.Fratricidal blood dripping from my handsI do not know what to do,Furies were following me everywhere.1ATHENSCAMP MAKRIGIANNIRAPSODOSThe rebel forces besieged the camp Makriyannis .Opponents are so close that chat with each other .The two brothers Alexander and Aris War as OpponentsIn different camps .CHATZIGIANNIS - CAPTAINAlexander together with companionsTake positions on the rear side of building,She is almost unguarded.SOTIRIOU - HEAD CONSTABLESAri will go to the back gateIt is the weak point .From there they will tryEnter in with assault.ALL TOGETHERHe began a fratricidal warJOCASTA ALEXANDER - MOTHERMy two children are killed each otherThey fight for their ideas , political .Alas comes big badWith what Iove we grew upOne was a great composerAnd another great writer.2NIKOS ALEXANDROU - FATHERLittle before start the warI put sworeThey will not fight against each other.ROXANNE SCOTT BRITISHFighting on the side of AlliesWhat I want to speak to themI met Aris in the Middle EastAnd organized the return to Greece .We lived a great love in Egypt .I met Alexander at Herodium ,Enchanted from his musicI fell in love at first sight.ALEXANDER AND ROXANNEROXANNE SCOTTWhenever I come to Attica reborn .The smell of saltiness and sweetness of vinesSmell the aroma made from lemon flowersAnd cherry , pine and thyme .ALEXANDERHoly rock and Parthenon reflect the miracle .Acropolis was built at ground zero ,In the center of Omega .ROXANNE SCOTTΟccupying- Athens of civil war is wildestfrom Dantes Inferno.We need to find the source of Civil WarThis will reveal to us the unknown secrets ,Why became Agreement of Varkizas .3ALEXANDERFilled Athens corpses around reigns deathCarrying the deads in carts.Legendary city was occupied by TyrannyThe bite of snake is leathal.Occupation was a PurgatoryPurify the souls but also revealed the Beast in Man ,The screams , the wails , cries they covered the city noise .ROXANNEAlexanderTwilight of Athens is fairytaleIf reigns also the death,Exists untold transparency .I feel so freeI am so happy with you .CAMP MAKRIGIANNIALEXANDERthey riddle us with blasts, they throw mercilessCome on into the Lyric- Opera ,It is the safest placeNo one will look .I listen music Caste DivaGermans and Italians love opera .ROXANNEThe Requiem of Love in Athens brings lygri nostalgiaReturn to Lost Paradise.4CAMP MAKRIGIANNIARIS - IN THE CAMPAlexander we born not to provoke hatredBut reconciliation.What is a hero - what AntiheroALEXANDER - OUTSIDE THE CAMPValkyries heard threateningBring death .Europeans fascists drowned in blood the worldThey abolished the parliament , the Constitution .JOCASTA- MOTHERDarkened AthensMy two children Alexander and ArisThey fight opponents in Makrygianni .I run to catchDid you happen to Fatal .ROXANNECruel fate wanted to fall in love , the two brothersTorn my soul , whom to choose .IOKASTIAh unfortunate you do not knowWho you take for your husband.ARIS AND ROXANNEHEADQUARTERS IN THE MIDDLE EASTROXANNEAri what fate to be together I do not believed.5ARISEnslaved Greece should be released .ROXANNEAll together we fight for a free world.I live a beautiful dreamWar , death they awoke in me the love for life ,Lygri the nostalgia of Return .The light of Deserted litted up the lost loveI die for you .ARISRoxanne - RoxanneIm dying for youLove affair took off the mask of death.Nothing will not separate usForget my brother AlexanderHe wants to marry you.ROXANNEI met Alexander before youI did not know that you are brothers .We lived a great romance in AthensBut go over, now Im with you.ARISI am madly in loveYou must spoke with AlexisThis divides the family.ROXANNEAri pyramids are not far6To finish Codes .Only a miracle save us from the chaos of war .ARISPartisans fighting Night Day the conquerors .ROXANNEIn Market of Al Khalil you find what you want .ARISThe ring of Al- KhalilIt reminds you of a great loveI never I did not felt such love .ROXANNEOnly Love , I die for youThe end of war is not far.CAMP MAKRIGIANNIDANCEFuries secreting fate of peopleFormidable the man, who terrible no other.We are mortally in dangerOnly a exit saves to usOnly one exit saves usThe back door was left unguarded .ALEXIOU-LEFTAlexanderAris is in the back door7You will come face-to-face.ATHANASSIOU-RIGHTAriAlexander is the back gateYou are mortally in danger.ALEXANDERBrother kills brotherWith his own hands.ARISThe greatest time of warThe Greeks fight each other.ALEXANDERAri you hear meOnly you I trustIm going out.ARISProceed on neutral groundTalk to the clearing.ALEXANDERAri how you changedWhat makes our mother, our fatherARISWell-wellI am careful to themYou became a true revolutionary.8brotherhow unfair is this war .ALEXANDERAri we changedWe promised in our parentsHow will not beat whatever if it happens .to reconcileWe are loved brothers .ARISAlexander you are my brotherWe must conciliate ,We will not be killed unjustlywill be great carnage in Makrygianni .I propose a fair solution of ConstitutionalLet become elections and whoever gains.ALEXANDERWithout Violence and RiggingHonest and not withparastate. .ARIS - ALEXANDERWe are Equal - Same - FairAlthough different.ALEXANDERAriThe Greeks will not agreeThey are hard, determined.ARIS - WHISPER9Maybe we save the situation by fleeing.There will not be killed because of usMaybe we give an example and reconciled.LEFTNight left the two brothersThey will be killed from each other.RIGHTThey want us be savedALL TOGETHERTime to reconcileALEXANDERAri Run - hurryLets go to the Acropolis , to Herodion.ARISBe hidden littleBring in contact the Government, the AlliesWith the rebels, the government of Mountain.ARIS - ALEXANDERI be believed that they will be reconciled.In the haunted building of MakrygiannisOur brothers killed wild .ARISAlexis looked back , blinding lightThe camp Makrygiannis is ablaze entire,Got fire .10ALEXANDERThey shook the building in the air , had a lot of ammunitionIt was a powder keg .Voices , go to help.ARISAll together blownNobody was sparedAlone we !ARIS - ALEXANDERThe Holocaust of MakrygiannisARISFortunately the father , mother, Roxanneis in good handsALEXANDERWhat thing, what happened with RoxaneARISWe came together from the Middle EastWe prepared the Plans of Return .ALEXANDERIs mixing with operations against ourARISChoose camp long beforeNow we are with me.brotherRoxanne is my woman11We lived big love in the Middle East.ALEXANDERI can not believe what I hearIt looks crazy , absurd ,What absurd and from the Civil War.He said that Im the man of her lifeHow he loved me .APHAlexander should knowDo not nourish delusions.ALEXANDERHow could you done somethingYou knew how I loved her,I proposed marriage .ARISWas not wedded youShe chose meDiscussing they arrived at Herodion, they came in.And began to walk on stage looking at licenses bleachers .They shouted loud and gestured.ARISHere in this magical theater I went up my projectsWe are together - remember !For them I fight for a free world .ALEXANDER12At Herodium the best theater of worldI uploaded my Symphonys, operas , songs .You were together - remember !I die for this placeFor these wars to an open democracy.VOICES OF FANTASTIC SPECTATORSThe end of the Civil WarThe End of TyrannyALEXANDERThe madness of war does not leave marginsRoxanne hear me !Mourning does not suit us .ARISRoxanne defeated ErosDying for You .Athens became the city of mythical loves.ALEXANDERAriput down the gunwill do no harmMars shoots in the airARISNo one can nottell me what to do .Lunged at Alexander sayingFought bravely13What rebel you are.ALEXANDERThe Tragic Mania conquered your mindAri calmed down back off .The deads are thousandsThey do not need another one...........................TO HERODION- ODEON OF HERODES ATTICUS- ACROPOLISJOCASTA - MOTHERNiko - RoxanneRun - quicklyOur children maybe they suffered somethingMaybe we catch the evil and save them .ROXANNEThey went to HerodionBe inside .JOCASTAIf they duelThey will be killed.NIKOS ALEXANDROU - FATHERThey are both - the same brave ladsNever make it back.ROXANNE - JOCASTA - NIKOS ALEXANDROUWoe - woeWhat happened - what happened14This is the fate of Persons............................ALL TOGETHERThis is the Democracy of big timeThis is the Story15NIKOS KOLESIS