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The Clue of the Phantom Car Bruce         Campbell

The Clue of the Phantom Car

Bruce Campbell

Published 1953
214 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This story starts off innocently enough as the mayor of Brentwood dedicates a new lakeside playground. The entire Allen clan were there to enjoy the event and cover it for the Advance. On their way home, Sandy and Ken opt for a short cut along the old road, and rescue Ralph Conner from the wreck of his truck. However, this last incident in a string of bad luck, could cause the Conner Brother Trucking Company to lose its insurance coverage, hence the end of their business. Its up to Ken and Sandy to prove the conspiracy involved.Despite repeated attempts to explain the circumstances surrounding Ralphs crash, nothing concrete is achieved. When Mr. Randolph Dutton enters and offers to buy out the beleaguered company, suspicions are raised. When the name of James Tolliver becomes involved, the boys find out from Granger that the mob may be in on the action.When Pop, Bert, Sandy, and Ken investigate at the lake on the outskirts of Brentwood, the whole sordid plot begins to manifest itself. Ken and Sandy must escape a gas filled tunnel and a final battle with the forces arrayed against them, before successfully unraveling the Clue of the Phantom Car.